Sigcare Services

Prison Services

SigCare is a specialist medication service provider with over 30 years experience in the provision of key medication services to Care Homes, Health Clinics, Health Institutions and H M Prisons. Our specialist service is built on 4 leading principles, namely; Service (the scope of what we provide), Contact (the key personnel we appoint to look after you, personally), Delivery (the guarantee of daily deliveries at the point of need) and Pricing (a keenly costed price package that will meet your need).

SigCare is a subsidiary of Sigma Pharmaceuticals plc who are the UK’s largest pharmaceutical wholesaler and have been distributing drugs and medications to over 3000 Pharmacies, 500 Doctors, 150 Hospitals, numerous Care Homes and Health Institutions with their own nationwide delivery fleet.

The scope of the SigCare service has been specially designed to make your life really simple. In addition to the bi-annual audits we carry out on your behalf, we also offer FREE of charge, all the ancillary services and items that help to make our service reliable and efficient. Such items as Medication Management Systems, Bespoke Dispensing Services, Medication Administration Training, Drugs Control Register, Drugs Compendium, Promotional Material, Loan Equipment: Trolleys, Fridges & C D Cabinets, Medication Return Book and Tag Bags. All FREE as part of the service.