Sigcare Services

Our System

Sigcare has formed a partnership with one of the leading monitored dosage system manufacturers in the UK. Using their renowned NOMAD CONCISE system, Sigcare aims to provide your residents with a safe, clear, simple and hassle free medication administration method, to aid your staff in providing a professional service to the service user.

Nomad Concise

Nomad Concise is a disposable medication system that has been designed specifically as an easy to use 28-day system for administering medication to patients in services. All services have confirmed that introduction of this system has lightened their workload considerably. Nomad Concise reduces the time taken in drug record keeping, ordering and receiving repeat prescriptions and stock control, giving you and your staff more time to spend caring.

  • Safe and tamper evident
  • Reduction in the chance of medication errors
  • Reduction in the time checking medication at start of cycle
  • Reduction on time spent on medication rounds
  • Increased accuracy in medication records
  • Improved medicine ordering procedures
  • Full drug Audit Trail
  • Vastly reduces the time taken for accurate medication check in
  • Care staff can quickly & easily administer medication, reducing the time required for drug rounds
  • Ensures the right drugs are administered to all residents at all times
  • Full audit trail of medication administration, stock control and location
  • Powerful and flexible reporting

By integrating with a leading PMR System we streamline the entire process, reducing your costs and making the management of the process quicker and simpler.

Inspections are enhanced due to the detailed audit trail and easy to read MAR charts. By using advanced barcode technology and a wide range of mobile devices we make the whole process quick and simple to use.